Security in schools and colleges is now widespread throughout the world. Crime rates are rising rapidly and the current lack of morals in society is turning the world into a living hell.

Security issues in educational institutions

There have been several cases of child abduction and abuse. In some cases, the teachers themselves were involved in the crimes. Cases of sexual harassment are now more common by immoral elements standing outside schools.

This is the world we live in today, with a lack of security services in many places. Of course, it is not only the children who need protection, but also the teachers. In an earlier case, a group of boys beat a teacher after school, as he had earlier reprimanded them in class for their annoying behavior.

So, we understand that educational premises are often a very tense environment. The thinking process of children is very different from that of adults. They are full of energy and sometimes have destructive thoughts. They must be taken care of responsibly and their safety must always be the highest priority.

Terrorist actions

The premises that provide education to young minds can also become targets of terrorist groups for the purpose of hostage-taking. From time to time we have seen several cases of mass shootings in schools and colleges around the world, where many children and teachers have been killed in cold blood (United Kingdom, USA, Pakistan, etc.).

These are brutal attacks that cause disgust and fear at the same time. Unfortunately, this is the reality of today ‘s world, where predators and immoral elements will do anything to get what they want.

What should be done in the face of such an issue?

To make the educational environment safe for both the children and the teachers working there, manned security is required as the deterrent that will monitor everything and help those in need. In addition, the installation of technological security equipment (cameras, intrusion alarm, access control, etc.) is required to further protect people and facilities.

The presence of a team of properly trained Security Guards is essential in order to observe children and help them when they are not being taught in class or after school or college. The Security Guards team must be prepared to deal with any potential criminal activity and to help prevent any type of accident with an immediate response.