Almost every successful business owner recognizes that maintaining the security of their business premises is a top priority. It’s important to keep your staff, customers and property safe. Accordingly, adherence to appropriate business security measures is critical to preventing intrusions, which can lead to property damage and loss of assets. In addition, having a security system in place helps reduce petty theft and petty crime. Reducing crime can also help you improve your company’s revenue and profit.

Thus, all organizations, small or large, must implement appropriate security procedures and create a safe work environment for their employees. The level of security you will need to use will be determined by the size of your company, any specific threats you face, and of course, your available budget.

For optimal results and to strengthen your company’s security plan, you should definitely adopt the security measures listed below.

Alarm Systems

Modern security alarm systems now use a wireless connection to reduce wiring. If you’re busy running your business and worried even a little about the risks of theft, fraud and intrusion, expert help can ease the tension and free up your time.

If you decide to install an alarm system, check and understand how it works. In the meantime, if you already have one, remember to do monthly checks and proactive maintenance to make sure it’s still serving its original purpose.

Video Surveillance

HD cameras may not seem revolutionary anymore, but they have come a long way! Here are some typical benefits of video surveillance in your business:

  • It discourages crime
  • It helps in catching the culprits
  • It lowers insurance rates by creating a safe working environment

Access Control

Without an access control system, deciding how to grant the right access, to the right people, at the right time, can quickly become very costly. You can use this technology to grant individual access to each person who enters your property. People carry key cards that you can program remotely and make quick changes. This is especially useful when an untrustworthy ex-employee hasn’t returned their keycard. You can simply turn it off.

Staff training

Employees should receive proper training on security, safety and emergency procedures. Regular safety drills should be conducted and a fire extinguisher should be readily available and regularly checked to verify that it is in working order.

Emergency exit doors must be visible and unobstructed. In the event of an evacuation, you must consider additional provisions for any worker who has a disability or is at greater risk, such as an expectant mother.

Security of High Value Products

Businesses need a reliable safe if they keep significant amounts of cash on site. Furthermore, access to it should only be allowed to those required. The fewer, the better.

Give high-value items and equipment the same attention you give cash. Be sure to designate a storage area that cannot be accessed by any unauthorized employee if you have any stock of valuables. The same goes for expensive equipment and tools.

Security of Employees’ Equipment

For hackers, an employee’s stolen laptop is a great asset. As a result, make sure your staff members feel responsible for using any company-provided equipment.

Encourage your staff to take laptop security precautions. Ask your IT department to install a reliable anti-virus software on every company-supplied laptop.

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