Cybercrimes such as spreading viruses, fraud, ransomware attacks, phishing, hacking, impersonation and theft are becoming more common. The main reason for the increase in such crimes is the lack of attention and care for cyber security, as well as the pre-existing myths about it.

Cybersecurity myths and bad practices are two of the most common factors that play a vital role in modern business data breaches. The best way to protect your business and personal confidential information is to hire a certified cyber security company.

Lack of awareness plays a huge role in creating these myths. If you or your business organization believe any of the following cybersecurity myths, then it’s time to educate yourself and correct the misconceptions.

Antivirus software is sufficient

Cyber ​​crimes are on the rise. There’s a lot that can go wrong, but most people feel comfortable after installing security software. However, in reality, even after installing security software you are not out of the danger zone.

In most cases, the servers of all these security software providers are vulnerable to hacking attacks that render your line of defense useless. The kind of software you choose is also very important. You can’t just protect your digital information with any security software.

So, always go with reliable providers with stronger servers. Some security software may be cheaper than others, but it’s better to spend a little more money up front, as it will cost you a lot in the long run. The best way to protect your organization’s digital assets is to hire a certified cyber security company. Certified companies have professionals and high-tech security software that will protect all your digital information.

Popular websites are safe to visit

Another common myth about cyber security is that all major websites are safe to visit. But in reality, all of these sites use cookies to track your route on the Internet, and despite the security in place, the companies that own these big sites process your data. So if any of these companies get hacked, your data will be stolen as well. Therefore, your data is not safe even on popular websites.

Strong passwords cannot be cracked

Many people think that by protecting their accounts with a strong password, they can protect their digital assets, but with the explosion of technology, it has become very easy for hackers to crack passwords.

There are special programs that are capable of breaking even the most confusing and strong passwords. Having the same password for all your websites can also lead to theft of your digital information. OTPs, temporary passwords, and two-factor authentication are some ways to reduce the risk of your digital information being stolen.

You can also hire a certified cyber security company and protect all your important passwords and thus all your accounts.

My data is not that important

This is another common misconception of most people. If your data is worthless, then social media would never be free. If a service like social media is free, then it means it monetizes your data and sells it to advertisers as an entire customer profile.

Your data can even be materialized for crimes like impersonation and theft, because if it’s valuable to some, it’s valuable to many. Therefore, you need to hire a certified cyber security company and protect all your digital data. To hire a professional security company contact us here.