Leaders in the security industry have been discussing the convergence of cyber security and physical security for years. Although these two security divisions are inherently interconnected, many organizations and business owners still feel that they are separate and that only one is enough. This was justified when the tools and options for integrating the two systems were not available. But now, many available and reliable systems allow you to have both security systems from one contractor. You are given the opportunity to have a single body for the design and development of both security procedures.

Compact security structure

A solid physical security system helps you comply with standards and regulations and gives you complete control over protocols when it comes to managing visitor identity. Knowledge of the people in your building helps you maintain the authorization protocol. For example, solid physical security can ensure that areas which host sensitive information and equipment are not open to unauthorized personnel, such as human resources rooms that contain employee data and must be kept locked for all but designated persons. Similarly, server rooms may have separate security guards and identification locks to prevent unauthorized access. In short, this can help improve the security of your network.

Achieving convergence

There are many ways in which UNITED SECURITY can assist you in planning the integration of the physical security and cyber security of your organization, business or commercial building.

Creating Secure Network Products

While professional cloud-based security systems are designed for use on public servers, many servers designed for indoor installation may not have secure data transmission services and strong hardware security.

If left untreated, network devices can become hotspots of malicious intrusions into your business’s cyber network. But if they are properly configured, they can be the backbone of your cyber security system. Ensure that the deployed system can prevent malicious attacks and activities using robot detection technology.

Deployment and support

The provider will monitor your network in cyberspace with a multi-level security model. The chosen model should be able to reduce redundancy, risk management and ensure business continuity. Without proper monitoring and support, you may experience costly network failures and security breaches. Make sure the system supports two-factor authentication and that automatic software and firmware updates are enabled.

Preparing for integration

Some of the aspects to keep in mind are:

  • Involving the IT department in security planning and processes improves the security of your organization.
  • You cannot have good cyber security without proper building security.
  • Risk management includes threat management, scalability, data privacy, reputation threats and more.

About us

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