Surveillance cameras (CCTV) that we only saw in banks or retail stores a few years ago, are now almost everywhere. Areas such as restaurants, intersections, gas stations, warehouses, homes and almost every business have their own CCTV surveillance system.

With the rising crime rate, everyone is trying to keep their home and business safe and one of the most common ways to achieve this is to install surveillance cameras.

However, sometimes, even when homes and businesses with CCTVs are still subject to robbery or vandalism, this is often due to inefficient installation of surveillance cameras.

Many people install surveillance cameras on their own or use technicians with little experience in the subject. As a result, they make some mistakes that invalidate the entire purpose of the system, as they leave some key points uncovered, which robbers use to enter a building.

Therefore, the best way to avoid this situation is to hire a certified security company to install the surveillance camera system. Certified security companies have trained and experienced professionals who know how to properly install surveillance cameras in all types of businesses and residential buildings.

With the rapid innovation in technology, surveillance cameras have been combined with emerging technologies such as cloud computing, the internet and automation (artificial intelligence) to expand their capabilities. These innovations have improved their ease of use and increased their effectiveness.

With these new innovations, cameras that were once used only for security purposes are now being used for other purposes, such as marketing, behavioural research, and human resources.

But to get the most out of these innovations in surveillance cameras, you need to install them properly.

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of new technologies, whether to help your business, security or other applications, here are three important tips to help you get the perfect CCTV system set up.

Think about your lighting

The first thing to consider when installing surveillance cameras is the lighting. Lighting plays a very important role, as cameras placed in improper lighting will not be able to record effectively.

Therefore, make sure that the areas you want to monitor are adequately and consistently lit so that the camera can capture identification details, such as the facial features of someone entering your home or business.

Also, in areas where there is insufficient lighting, you should install CCTV cameras with night vision capability.

Install cameras to monitor hidden entry points

Robbers usually use back (auxiliary) doors, basement doors and windows to break into buildings, as some of these entry points are not usually monitored by a camera.

So, make sure you have your cameras mounted on all these hidden entry points so that every time a burglar tries to enter your home or business from these points, you can capture him in the surveillance footage.

Hide your cables

Another important thing to keep in mind when installing your cameras is that the cables should not be easily accessible or exposed, as burglars will be able to cut them off and disconnect the surveillance cameras before attempting to enter the home. or your business. Therefore, make sure that all the cables of the monitoring system are hidden so that no robber can disconnect the system.

The best way to install a CCTV system perfectly is to hire a certified security company that has the right professional technicians.

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