1. Check the Security Guards Surveillance System

Having a contractor with adequate systems for remote surveillance of Security Guards is one of the most important elements in ensuring good and effective security. If your security contractor does not provide adequate supervision, the guards will be inadequately trained and unmotivated. In addition, when Security Guards are not supervised, they often think that the work they are doing is not important. They then adopt possibly unprofessional behavior. Before signing a contract with a security services company, find out how they supervise their staff. Supervision can be provided in various ways such as:

– Random on-the-spot checks using field monitors

– Guard check-in

– Guard Tour Check-in systems

  1. Evaluate the training provided to Security Guards

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your Security Guards, there is a serious possibility that they are poorly trained. To improve your security service, evaluate the orientation and training provided by your contractor to their staff. This orientation and training should be evaluated for things like:

– If the training took place on your property

– Who was responsible for conducting the training

– How long did the training last for each guard

  1. Verify the qualifications of your Security Guards

On the one hand, there is a set of training that guards must go through before they get their license. Find out what the specific requirements are and make sure that all the guards placed in your company fully comply with them. In addition, be sure to reserve the right to interview any Security Guard before being assigned to your property. This initial interview is a good way to find out what you can expect from them. After the interview, if you think someone is not adequate, you can ask for someone else.

  1. Perform inspections to improve your safety

Whenever possible you should visit your property during after-hours to check whether your manned security service performs well. While performing your inspection, ask your guards about their duties to make sure they understand their job. Alternatively, consider checking your guards through a third-party security consultant. If you are using an independent third party evaluator, make sure that the consultant you choose is not another security company or that the results will not be biased.

  1. Meet with your Contractor regularly

The easiest way to improve your security is to meet with your contractor regularly. These meetings can be formal or informal, either in person or by telephone. The purpose of these meetings is to provide feedback and thoughts to the contractor on the performance of each Security Guard. By providing them with regular feedback, you will create incremental opportunities to improve your security service. These regular meetings will help the contractor to greatly understand your needs and find ways to achieve optimal service levels.

  1. To improve your security services, choose a quality contractor

Of all the 6 tips in this article this one refers to common sense. However, it is also the one that is often not followed. While many security companies may look the same, quality assurance programs that help ensure that both you and your customers will be happy are not always followed. Therefore, evaluate the ability and background of your potential contractors and choose the one that will be able to really meet your needs.

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