Mobile patrols are often needed by businesses that want to secure their property. The security guards who participate in the patrol teams focus on security surveillance through their constant presence in all areas of a site. Continuous patrol gives the advantage that the premises become less attractive to potential thieves and vandals. Here are the five main tasks of mobile patrols.


Mobile security guards usually monitor indoor and outdoor areas. They pay special attention to every point of the premises and are always alert, especially in high risk areas. They take into account the cameras and any security device you have installed to enhance security in your premises. Most importantly, they ensure that people follow safety protocols and adhere to them on the premises.


In case of any suspicious activity, the mobile security guards make sure to notify the authorities in a timely manner. Regular information and reporting helps them to perform their duties and activities accurately and consistently. They take precautionary measures to prevent any loss or damage using alarm systems and carry out strict precautionary checks during their patrol.


Security guards are trained in health, safety and first aid. They can provide guidance and support to anyone in need as part of a health and safety protocol. A disaster can happen at any time and it is important to have trained security guards ready to deal with any situation. The condition can range from fainting to explosion and fire or the need for immediate evacuation.


Providing complete security in the form of digital and physical assistance is the responsibility of mobile patrols. Take precautionary measures to prevent theft, fire, loss of life or property. Mobile security guards often communicate their location and any activities around it to specific supervisors to maintain a constant flow of information. This helps assemble a larger security team as soon as a disaster strikes.

Protecting your organization’s reputation

Mobile patrol security guards are also responsible for protecting your organization’s reputation. They must comply with legal requirements and maintain peace and order in the area. Visitors to the facility will feel safer when they observe security guards appointed for their safety. This makes it even more important for you to appoint professional security guards to patrol the premises.

United Security mobile patrol teams are made up of trained professionals who specialize in monitoring, reporting and controlling any unforeseen environments out and within your premises walls. Call us for more information.