In today’s world, due to the increase of criminal activity, it is extremely necessary to have one or more security systems in our home or business. The first thing that comes to mind when moving to a new home or office is how we can keep it safe, as our first priority is to keep our family and property in complete integrity.

In order to ensure your peace of mind regarding the above, you should hire a certified security company and install the necessary security systems.

UNITED SECURITY provides trained and specialized security guards, who will handle stressful situations and will protect your home, office or any other professional facility from criminal activity.

Once you have decided to install a security system, the next step is to decide if you want a security system with surveillance or without surveillance.

Unmonitored security systems

An unmonitored security system consists of technologies such as alarms, cameras and other devices that send you alerts when something looks suspicious. The unmonitored security systems can be divided into two categories. The completely uncontrolled systems or the self-controlled systems.

A self-monitoring security system connects to your cell phone and sends you emergency alerts, while a fully uncontrolled security system records videos and triggers alarms if an intruder is detected.

The only advantage of an unmonitored security system is that it is cheaper than a monitored security system. In an uncontrolled security system, you only have to pay for the initial cost of the equipment and its installation.

But the biggest disadvantage of an uncontrolled security system is that it provides significantly less security, because while it can deter some potential criminals and alert you to a potential intruder, it can do nothing to prevent criminals from entering your area.

Monitored security systems

Surveillance security systems include almost the same technology as the unmonitored systems, but with the important difference that there is a professional security guard to monitor your entire security system 24/7.

The most important advantage of having a monitored security system is that it will make your life easier and stress free. The security guards closely monitor the security systems of your premises and are always on alert to handle difficult and unpredictable situations. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the security of your workplace or your home and you can focus on other important things in your life.

About us

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