Managing a business is not just about making products, selling them and providing services to customers. It is also about ensuring the protection of assets, equipment, people and other goods. Here are some things that can happen when you are not hiring a security company.


Without security guards, intrusion is the most common thing that can happen. Whenever an unauthorized person enters a specific building or even a specific part of a building, this can be a threat. When there is no one to control who enters, there is complete freedom. Anyone with any intention can enter without hesitation.

No privacy

Without security guards your business has no privacy. You cannot be able to know when someone comes in and finds you working in your office. Anyone can enter at will without being stopped.

Any unauthorized presence can be a serious threat to confidentiality. Weak privacy can reveal business secrets to people who should not be aware of the company’s internal affairs. Lack of security can lead to serious losses.

Uncontrolled crossing

Not hiring security professionals means you welcome anyone in whenever they want. Without check-in at the entrance, everyone can enter for different reasons, with good or bad intentions. Such as:

Addicted to substances

People under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not fully conscious. Trying to get an idea of ​​where they are, they may end up inside your premises. With little response capacity, they can become a source of chaos.


The worst thing that can happen to your building is to become a target for terrorists. When they know that there is absolutely no security, they will not resist trying their luck.


There is a type of people who do not have a specific intention to enter your building, but they do. They just roam around and wonder e.g. what does your building look like from the inside. For them, whether they enter a mall for window shopping or enter your offices is about the same. The main reason for the possibility of such an action is the absolute lack of security.

Business espionage

When there are no security guards to guard your business, your competitors can also benefit. They can send a spy pretending to be a potential customer. The intention may include observation of how you perform certain functions. A little business secret can help them take some steps to become more competitive and gain more market share.


Without any security, frequent disruptions in your business routine will be the norm. The regularity of your business will suffer and its productivity will be significantly affected. The workflow is difficult to manage, and there are several factors that distract employees. Employees who should be busy with their duties may also have to deal with unauthorized people slipping through. This does not support business processes and the desired productivity.

Spread covid-19

Along with all the above, there is the deadly threat of people spreading the virus when they enter your building. This additional threat reinforces the importance of having security professionals.

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