The most common question our prospective customers ask is, “Which security service should I use for my business?” While it is obviously encouraging that these entrepreneurs have identified the need for reliable security services, we must leave the word “services” at this point and introduce the philosophy of “security solutions“.

It goes without saying that security companies need to offer “personalized” services, but this unfortunately does not happen often and there is still a large segment of the industry that focuses on providing “standard services”, trying to fit them into any possible security issue. However, the provision of security services has gone far beyond the placement of security guards, with most potential customers being more interested in what added value they can receive through the security solution provided to them. This added value is something that at UNITED SECURITY we always strive to promote through additional learning and development initiatives, emerging technologies and frequent advice.

There are three key elements that we use to create the right security solution for your business, which are described below. We will give you an idea of ​​how UNITED SECURITY can serve as an effective security partner in your business.


Before creating the right security solution for your business, we need to understand the reasons behind your desire or interest in receiving manned security services or other security services. These reasons may range from long-term concerns about a particular issue, or an event that triggered a change in risk perception, or a desire to preventively increase the security of your business against some hitherto unknown threats and disturbances.

It is extremely important that the solution we design is to solve problems through the right approach. As a security provider, we need to understand what the customer’s ultimate goals are in relation to their security. Only then can we start designing the solution for the critical elements (e.g. remote monitoring, locks, static guarding, patrols, etc.).


Our approach at UNITED SECURITY is solution-oriented  rather than cost-oriented. However, we always avoid suggestions and offerings for costly and unnecessary security measures that will not yield a return on investment. In any case, it is helpful for our security consultants to determine if there is a specific budget for security or if it is linked to the business turnover (or profits). Finally, important information for us would be whether the company seeks to increase existing costs or conversely increase efficiency within the current security budget.



Many of the critical information that will help us design a security solution will come from the risk profile that our experts will create for your business. A data set is collected by our team, including existing countermeasures, historical challenges and local crime statistics. This will then shape the most effective and goal-oriented security solution for your business.

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