The type of security you need depends on the type of business you are running. While temporary security guards make sense for special events or limited time commitments, many companies would be better served if they had a contract for long-term manned security services. Residential communities, commercial buildings and construction sites find that appropriate on-site security teams provide comprehensive security and long-term cost savings.

Your need for security never stops. There will always be an emerging security threat to your business. If you are considering short-term or long-term security staff to protect your business, read on to find out the top benefits of long-term security guards.

Reliable protection

Do you really know when your security guards are on the scene? Can you count on them when a security threat arises? The security guards on site may not be there when you need them.

On the other hand, security guards who have a constant presence in the property give a sense of trust and reliability. Employees and the public know who to turn to for help. Long-term security guards can respond with confidence and efficiency when security is compromised.

Long Term Relationships

The more a security guard works with you, the more he understands your business. Employees and customers recognize security guards, who are trusted persons in your business. At the same time, the security guards will be familiar with those who are authorized to be at your premises.

Hiring new security on a regular basis interrupts the building process of these relationships and your ability to maintain a strong security presence. The trust that builds between your security guards and your business can increase the feeling of productivity and well-being between your staff and your customers. In turn, your business is more productive.

Stronger security

It is definitely more effective to work with security guards who know and understand the details of your business security procedures. From understanding the vulnerabilities of your facilities, both inside and outside the building, to tracking visitors, an effective security guard is one who knows your unique daily needs.

Even the most well-trained security guards need time to learn these unique aspects of a business. Short-term security guards may be able to react to situations while they occur, but they may not be able to foresee and prevent situations before they escalate. This is because they do not have the appropriate knowledge and experience of your business to do so.

Crime Prevention and Deterrence

While there are many stupid criminals out there, there are just as many who are organized and smart. If your business is a target, these types of criminals will take the time to explore the vulnerabilities of your business and understand the standards and procedures so that they have the best possible chance of escaping.

Periodically hiring security services can be a huge advantage for criminals targeting your business. They will see that your business is vulnerable and will hit. The consistent presence of security guards works as a deterrent because the criminal knows that your business is protected 24 hours a day by people who know it very well.

Long-term security by UNITED SECURITY

Long-term security staff are well aware of your business and the people who run it. They use their training, skills and experience to provide you with superior quality protection.

At UNITED SECURITY we understand that every business is unique and we provide personalized security solutions that definitely meet your individual needs.

If you’re not sure if short-term or long-term security guards are the best choice for you, contact our experienced security experts today. We will be happy to talk to you to understand your needs and provide you with modern security solutions within your budget.