Most companies want employees to value their workplace as an extension of themselves. It is said that approaching one’s job as an owner yields more genuine results, because ownership means taking responsibility and making decisions. That is, as one would do in one’s own business. During the lockdown for COVID-19 and the reduced workforce on the premises, many people who continued to appear due to the roles they had taken on, stood up to the circumstances and made several decisions and took initiatives. However, the return of decision-makers creates some tension between those who have been there all along and those who have just returned. This is especially true of contractors who worked throughout the pandemic, while company employees worked remotely and occasionally showed up at the project. Now that almost all employees have returned to work, not only is space sharing an issue, but some employees are unhappy because the freedom and responsibility they enjoy is coming to an end.

Mandatory space sharing creates tensions in the workplace

Many do not realize that the space they share once again was once enough for everyone. A sense of ownership can displace that feeling, even if it is not real. Something as simple as a meeting room that was empty is now permanently full and unavailable. The momentum of compromise to meet the needs of all parties seems to have been lost a bit due to the pandemic. Companies need to work hard to get it back to normal.

The presence of Security Guards is a balancing factor

Companies are taking steps to encourage mental well-being in the workplace, but some have added security guards as a precautionary measure to prevent any unwanted behaviour. Even when they are bothered by re-sharing the workplace, most people whine slightly. However, some people experienced particularly difficult times during the pandemic. As a result, conflicts in the workplace can be caused due to excessive stress.

It is also true that some people realized that they did not enjoy their job because of the pandemic and their return brings reality closer. If you have ever been in the workplace with someone who does not like his job, it can negatively affect the whole office. It is very likely that with the return of all employees, some will either be called to leave or choose not to return. Whenever there is an employee status and someone is fired from their job, tensions can rise rapidly. In these cases, having on-site security guards can be very important.

Workplace Security Guards

The best security professionals build relationships with those in the workplace and learn their dynamics. This insight and awareness allow security guards to sense if someone’s behaviour seems strange. Properly trained Security Guards and an experienced security coordinator can effectively help de-escalate any situation.

Employees also like the presence of a security guard in case of emergency. Security professionals have the knowledge and experience required for quick evacuation and action, guiding people safely.

The knowledge and experience of the most well-trained security guards means a safe working environment. If companies want their staff to return with good mood and productivity, hiring manned security services from a reputable security company is the best and most affordable idea.

If you want to have security guards in your workplace, contact UNITED SECURITY for a free quote and talk to a specialist who will be happy to guide you to the best options within your budget.